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welcome - the voice within

About welcome

welcome Nov. 10th, 2004 @ 10:19 pm
This community is for self expression, artistic freedom, support, and thinspiration. I believe art is expressed in many ways (photography, writing, sculpting, painting, etc). For those of you who do not have art as your outlet, you are still welcome here (be it to have as thinsperation, creative insperation, quotes to help you through, etc). Criticism is NOT welcome. this community is for its sole purpose, if you are looking for a community to chat or inform, you have stepped into the wrong room. links have been provided if you are a member, or you can search on your own! We do not judge anyone on being 'more anorexic' than anyone else or that there is a weight restriction determining you ED. We are all family here and judging or bashing will NOT be tolerated.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ED, YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE!!! If you are merely here in search of tips, tricks, and hints about how to lose weight or "how to become ana", you do not belong here. you can not "catch" an ED. Please go to a community where you can find the support you need to lose weight in a way that is healthy for you. This community was created as an artistic outlet. We have eating disorders here. We have a mental illness that bound us together and is not something we really enjoy. Please do not come here and try to "catch" an eating disorder. If you do research, you will easily find that EDs take a while to develop and are unintentional. This community is for self expression, artistic freedom, support, and thinspiration. I believe art is expressed in many ways, and I am not one to judge. please be mindful that there are people out there that may not have the same views. if you feel something may be offensive or triggering, POST a warning and post behind a LJ-cut. Thank you!

Community Rules

1.) Please place all of your photos and or large entries behind an lj-cut. (http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75)

2.) MAKE SURE ALL OF YOUR POSTS IN lost_my_voice ARE MADE "FRIENDS ONLY" BEFORE YOU POST THEM HERE. This makes certain that outsiders who tend to frown on people with EDs cannot come in and disturb our community. If you do not know how to make your posts friends only...: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=120. All posts that are not made "friends only" will be deleted as soon as they are noticed by your moderator. I am merely looking out for our safety and confidentiality. Please understand this.

3.) Please refrain from being negative and badmouthing others. We are a support group. If you see someone being mean in any way, please me at lost_my_voice immediately and i will remove the person from the community.

4.) Please post. wether it is work of you own or something you want to share. (just give credit, where credit is due!)
Comment on the posts of others and they will comment on your posts. We can help each other grow.

5.) If promoting, please make sure it is for an eating disorder related community or site. We are here with EDs. We'd rather see advertisements for ED related communities.

6.) If you decide at some point that you want recovery you are NOT a failure...PLEASE BELIEVE THAT!!

Thank you! You're all beautiful! GOOD ANA'S DON'T DIE!

♥ Your moderator mirror_of_lies

IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS OR CONCERNS (including disruptions, inappropriate discussions or comments, or irritating persons), PLEASE CONTACT ME BY COMMENTING IN MY JOURNAL mirror_of_lies or email. i will hopefully fix the problem as fast as i am able to.

Due to a number of factors, this community's membership is request only. You may request membership, but please follow the instructions on becoming a member. If you do not follow these instructions, your application will be denied!

You can do this by e-mailing me at (lost_my_voice_moderator@yahoo.com) with the following information:


We just want to make sure you actually suffer from some form of ED, (be it anorexic, bulimic, binge eating, ED NOS, etc.) and not looking for a new fad diet. That is the sole purpose of the application, its the sad truth that we are mocked, hated, or misunderstood and i am just trying to protect this community and its members. once added you can choose whether or not to post your application to the community. (It will remain private otherwise).
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